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Can I really have a wedding ceremony wherever I want?

Yes, wherever you wish (and this applies to any type of ceremony). Venues include home gardens, traditional venues, a castle, 

a barn, a boat, other indoor or outdoor places, or simply your special place - your options are endless!

I am considering a themed wedding, would this be acceptable to a Celebrant?

Undoubtedly, traditional and formal, informal or unconventional, vintage, retro, quirky - it's your choice. 

What are the legal requirements?

You will need to become legally married in your local register office beforehand. You should inform the Registrar of your intention to have a Celebrant wedding blessing. The Registrar will perform a simple legal ceremony and then you will be ready for your special celebration i.e. your wedding blessing.

I would like my family and friends to contribute to my ceremony, is this possible?

Yes of course, they can contribute as and when you wish. 

Would I have the option of a rehearsal beforehand?

Yes of course, if  you feel that this would be helpful,  this is an option that can be included.

How far will you travel?

I am based in the Vale of Glamorgan in Wales. Basic costs include travel within a 40 mile radius. However, no journey is too far i.e. Wales, UK and abroad.

What does a 'Bespoke Ceremony' mean?

Bespoke means special and unique to you. Your ceremony is just that! Celebrate your love however you wish.

Carol Gunter


Vale of Glamorgan